FAN Premium – Get inside the brain behind Flipping America – Roger Blankenship

Hey would you buy Roger lunch one day a month just to pick his brain? Well, for the price of one lunch you can get a whole month’s worth of brain pickings. On his show Roger has fun but pretty firmly limits the topics to real estate and business practices that can enhance one’s real estate business. Premium members get a no-holds barred, no topic off limits probe into his mind. Take it from those of us who know him well, you’re going to be amazed at his depth of knowledge, his sense of humor, his unique perspective, his highly creative approach and a moral foundation that holds it all together in one place.

Everything from the Free Mailing List Plus:

  • Regular in-depth messages from Roger on any number of topics. He won’t promise weekly, but it could be more than that. When he has a thought he thinks someone else might be interested in, he will share. Although he said he would try to keep his powder dry until Friday each week.
  • Emails with Tips, Tricks, Tech, Techniques, and Brain Downloads from Roger Blankenship
  • Discounts to all live events such as FlipStarter, RentStarter, aHeadStarter, etc. ($100s in potential savings)
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