Low Priced Homes Across America

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Question: What do you do with a Low Priced house, especially located far away?

Answer: You create killer cash flow returns!

More Questions...

  1. How do you make repairs? (Hint: We don’t – we sell as is)
  2. How do you find tenants / buyers?
  3. How do you market them?
  4. How do you manage them?
  5.  Hear the answers to all these questions and more by clicking on the link below. It will take you to a coaching call we turned into an episode of the Flipping America show. Roger interviews Eric – who has sold 14,000 of these houses and has owned 2,000 of them. 

Sales Process for Low Priced Houses

  1. Buyer signs a Non-Compete, Non Circumvention Agreement.
  2. Buyer downloads, completes, and submits Purchase Agreement.
  3. Buyer non-refundable earnest money in amount specified by seller to seller. The properties are available until we receive the Earnest Money. 
  4. Seller (Solid Rock Properties LLC) closes on its purchase of property and immediately conveys title to buyer. Every attempt is made to transfer title immediately upon closing with the same settlement agent.
  5. Buyer pays any costs associated with the transfer. Remaining funds for purchase and closing costs to be wired to settlement agent prior to the day of scheduled closing.

Want access to even more properties?

With the help of our connections you can target auction properties across the country. Here are some advantages in working with us:

  • We usually know what the seller’s reserve price is – even if it isn’t published
  • We also usually have a pretty good idea how much LESS than the reserve the lender will accept. We do not promise 100% accuracy here. Sometimes we are making an educated guess based on experience. You might win the bid but not win the property if the bid is too low for the seller. You pay us only when you win a property. 
  • You tell us what you want, where you want, what price range you want, we send you a secret list. 
  • When you select your asset, we will submit a bid for you. No need to submit a $2500 deposit on every property – we handle all that.
  • You are committing to buy. Don’t give us a bid unless you are ready to pay that amount plus fees and close.
  • Speaking of fees, some of these properties have Buyers’ Premium, some do not. Be aware of this. It’s added to the winning bid amount. 
  • Also, you are paying a marketing fee of $3500 on every property. This is collected up front.
  • In order to get this inside information you must complete and return the non-compete non-circumvent agreement by clicking below. You are promising you will not attempt to get around us with the auction companies. 
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