"When your passive income provides for all your living expenses, you have Financial Freedom."

-Roger Blankenship, The Flipping America Guy

The Ideal Rental House

There’s an almost romantic notion about owning a rental property or three — until you do it. The logic is sound. If you can accumulate

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The Online Rental Course

  • The Buying Formulas
  • The Math!
    • Capitalization Rate
    • Mortgage Constant
    • Yield Spread
    • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
    • Cash on Cash Return
  • Best Practices
  • Ideal Houses
  • Landlord vs. Management
  • How to find Properties
  • How to prepare a property for tenants.
  • The Ethical Landlord
  • How to Market your rentals.
  • Ensure long-term renters
    • How you Buy
    • Where you Buy
    • What you Charge
    • How you manage

In-person, online, and live webinars.

  • All the information from the Introductory Course PLUS
  • Creative Deal Structuring in Depth
    • Lease Purchase and Lease Option
    • Subject-To
    • Lease to Lease
    • Installment Land Contract, AKA Contract for Deed
  • Network with other FAMP Buy and Hold members on the weekly call.
  • Access properties from Flipping America
  • Be one of the insiders in the Flipping America Family.