About us...

Our History

Starting part-time in 2002 and going full-time in 2006, we have fixed flipped hundreds of houses across the southeastern United States. We began teaching our techniques and strategies as early as 2010, but officially launched a mentoring program in 2017. 

Our Mission

We are here to improve lives by teaching the principles of success, the practices of financial freedom, and the process of creating income and wealth through Real Estate Investing. 

Our Activities

We Flip Houses

We Own Rentals

We Inspire Many

We Mentor Some

Things we do...

We Flip Houses

We have flipped hundreds and hundreds of houses. We hesitate to put a number because we don’t want to have to keep remembering to change it. But we have done as many as 100 FIX and flips in a single year. And we’ve been investing since 2002. 

So it’s a bunch. 

The Show

We started the show in March, 2017 on 16 am/fm stations in 14 markets across the country and also on amfm247.com. We do three one hour shows each week. The shows are pre-recorded and broadcast at 11 Mondays and 10 Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Current Broadcast Partners

  • Tampa, FL: AM -1630, FM – 92.1
  • Las Vegas, NV: AM – 1520, FM 99.5
  • Macon, GA: AM – 810, FM – 87.9
  • Lancaster, PA: AM – 1640, FM 102.1
  • Boulder, CO: FM – 96.3
  • Milwaukee, WI: FM – 90.3
  • Pittsburgh, PA: FM – 94.7
  • Long Beach, CA: FM – 101.5
  • The Villages, FL: FM – 97.7
  • Colorado Springs, CO: FM – 87.9
  • Jacksonville, FL: FM – 90.3
  •  New Port Richey, FL: FM – 88.3

We Teach

With Roger’s experience in Real Estate and his background as an Educator he is perfectly suited to teach others how to invest in real estate. 

You can learn what you need to know to start a lucrative career and secure a future for you and your family. 

Our courses cover Fix and Flips, Buy and Hold, Foreclosure Auctions, Private Lending, Business Success, Organization and Time Management, and Wealth Creation.  Check here.

How You Can Get Involved...

1. Get Information

Listen to Flipping America, read the articles and watch the videos on this site. You will learn quite a bit doing that. When you want to go deeper, click on the “Get Started” buttons all over this site. 

2. Get a Mentor

Studying, reading, watching, and learning will only get you so far. Eventually you are going to get into a project. You owe it to yourself and your family to find an experienced person to guide you. 

3. Follow a Proven Path

There is no reason to get cute or overly creative. The basic principles in this business haven’t changed over the years. The key is to get the numbers right. We can show you how. 

Accomplish all these with the Flipping America Mentoring Program

Why choose us?

Roger Blankenship and his Mentoring Team have a broad and deep experience with nearly every type of deal structure in the Real Estate world. 

Since 2002 and covering many hundreds of projects, Roger and his team have consistently delivered profit to investors safely and securely.

Flipping America is selective in choosing trainees. Much is expected of them and more than 90% of trainees succeed in getting actively involved in real estate projects.

Mentors work with trainees until they have completed at least four deals. There is no up-front expense for this mentoring. Weekly calls, deal analysis, whatever is needed to support trainee success. 

Flipping America funds the deals for its trainees as a Joint Venture partner. The Mentor and the training ensure a successful and profitable project.

Flipping America Trainees are considered family. Family members can re-attend any prior training at no charge for life. 

The December, 2017 Flipping America Mentoring Class

Start Your Career as a Real Estate Investor

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