Monday Musings Jan 28, 2019


We are SO close to rolling out the Buy Sell Trade Platform on the Flipping America Network. It’s going to be a game-changer. Wholesalers get ready to list your properties. No need to “build your buyer’s list.” You can post to a massive buyers’ list. Rehabbers, find your next deal in the FAN. And reserve the exclusive rights to deals in your ZIP code. ASTERISK: You get exclusive rights for the first 48 hours. Then everybody else knows about the property.

Submitted an article to Forbes this week “Where to Invest in 2019”. I’ll be sending a link if/when it gets published. Goal is to submit at least one article per month this year.

Here’s some news you can use: My GMS Planner, 2019 edition finally hit Amazon this week (my fault not theirs). You can order your copy here. We all set Goals (or you should be anyway if you have somewhere else you want to be). This planner helps you break down your goals into quarterly Milestones. Then each week you write out the steps you need to take this week to achieve the next milestone. Once you’ve written out the steps you put them into your schedule for the week. You are literally finding time to create your success. I’ve used this system for years and now I’m sharing it with you.


I’ve been thinking a lot about immigration over the past few weeks. Here’s a question I’m asking: “Why does everyone want to come here?” Why do they want in so badly they will walk 1000 miles, face hardship, danger, and possibly even death to get here? The answer in one word: “Opportunity.” Are we the land of opportunity?

I think the United States is still one of the finest places in the world to live in relative freedom and our economic system creates a staggering amount of wealth, income, and — OPPORTUNITY. Yes it’s here. There is a reason the world wants to come here. It is to find something that doesn’t exist wherever they are coming from. This might surprise you: I don’t blame them. If I were there and thought I could get in here and make a better life for my family and my children I would.

Why is this the land of opportunity and theirs sadly is not? Do we have more natural resources? No. Do we have smarter people? No. What do we have? We have a superior infrastructure that is the result of free enterprise, capitalism, the rule of law, and a respect for private property rights. We are not superior to those immigrants in any way. But our culture in markedly and vastly superior to theirs. So if I were in power I would want to welcome anyone who wants to come and make a productive difference but with a couple of key understandings:

  1. You become a part of this culture. Learn our language, our customs, our respect for the rule of law and you integrate into us. Don’t come here and insist that we adapt to your culture. I’m not going to say “with all due respect” because I do not respect your culture. Your “culture” has led your country to the situation that is causing you to want to leave. I respect your desire for something different. So you become different and adapt to us when you come here.
  2. Sure let’s build the wall. Make it big and unassailable. The Berlin wall comparisons are ridiculous. The Great Wall of China might be a better analogy because it is an acknowledgement of the border of a country. But let’s put in a WIDE gate and welcome everyone who can convince us they just want to be a productive member of our society and our culture. Let’s bring back the migrant worker program that worked well in the 1960’s, allowing migrant workers to come to the country for seasonal jobs, register, pay taxes, send money back home, and then go back home until next year. I’m in favor of allowing millions of documented workers to come to the US this way.

I could say more, but that’s enough for a real estate blog. My guiding principles are God’s unconditional love for all humans, compassion for every person, and conditional blessings upon those who demonstrate good stewardship. Any political party in the U.S. could and should adopt these guiding principles. Most everyone agrees that compassion for the less fortunate is a good thing. So let’s pray and work for a lasting solution.

Hot Reads for this week

Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson. You can read this in an afternoon or two evenings. Skip the TV and read this. You should read it EVERY time you sense the market changing. And it is my friends.

Getting Things Done, by David Allen. I particularly like his idea for the external collection system. And I appreciate the emphasis on staying on top of this every single day. The other thing I’d like to try is the Tickler File, but I don’t really want 43 file folders next to me and I’m not sure I’d stay on that. Some of this will make its way into my notebook though! I like getting things done and I like this book.

Hot Read coming very soon! My book “The Ten Day Real Estate Investor” will be out in less than 30 days. I’m stoked about it! And I’ll say more as we get to a firm release date.

$10 Tip of the week

Study what “efficient market” means. Real estate is an inefficient market and that’s a good thing. Be ready to respond to changing opportunities. RE investing is going to change a bit in 2019.