Chantelle Live in Studio!

FAR 199 Chantelle Owens

Expected Air Date: 10/20/18


We are excited today to be broadcasting the show via livestream from our studio in Sandy Springs, Atlanta. We have Chantelle Owens here with us and today we are going to be talking about tax liens. I call her the Queen of Tax Liens! Chantelle has a boot camp coming up here in Atlanta and we will be talking about that as well as the tax sale process in general. As a little bonus surprise I’ve been storing up some of your questions about tax liens just for this show. I’m going to throw them to Chantelle in a little while.

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Guest:  Chantelle Owens, The Queen of Tax Liens

Emails:  Tell us where you’re from!

  • Cher, Silver Spring, MD, “What’s the difference between a Tax Deed and a Tax Certificate?”
  • Anthony, Boulder, CO, “When I buy a tax lien, I really just want the 12% return on my money. I don’t want the property. What do I do if I end up with an unredeemed property?”
  • Scarlett, Pittsburgh, PA, “Where can I go to learn about the properties being sold in the tax sale?”
  • James, Stockbridge, GA, “How long is the redemption period?”
  • Aubrey, Tampa, FL, “If I buy a tax deed and the property has a mortgage on it, do I have to pay off the mortgage or what do I do?”
  • Winona, Baltimore, MD, “I have never owned a business and don’t really want to. I have looked into owning rentals and don’t think I want to do that either. But I like the house flipping TV shows and I enjoy your show as well. I think I want to be involved in real estate, but I just want to put money into something safe with a good return. What would you recommend?”
  • Gary, Anderson, IN, “I plan to buy a fix and flip with a hard money loan, move into it for 6 to 8 months while I’m working on it, sell, then move on to the next one. A friend told me it wouldn’t work. Who is right?”
  • Brad, Macon, GA, “I’m looking at a package of 23 single family homes. The seller is asking $1.4 million (about 61k avg.) for them. The average monthly income for the past 12 months has been $13,800. Four of the houses are vacant and have been for about 3 months. So that would take the income up if I got them rented out. I’m not sure how to approach this deal. I’ve always wanted to own rental properties and this seems like a way to get a bunch at one time.”