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Month: September 2018

Roger At Think Realty Conference

Roger was on the Local Market Panel at the recent Think Realty Conference in Atlanta. “Think Realty is a great value and provides a really fine service to the investing community. I encourage you to join,” said Roger.

Sept 13 at Flipping Atlanta

It was a great night and a full house! Chantelle Owens wowed the crowd as usual. Great job Chantelle! Next month I am delivering a talk called “Opportunity Spotting: How to Find the NEXT BIG THING in Real Estate Investing.” I’m going to show you what to look for in the numbers, encourage you to …

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Kory Angelin, #SellOut!

FAR 192 Kory Angelin Expected Air Date: 9/29/18 Opening We have a little bit of a selling and marketing theme going on this week on the show. Today we are joined by Kory Angelin who is going to tell us if we have something to sell, stop selling. Start relating. Remember what I said previously …

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Show 188, Your Questions!

FAR 188 Expected Air Date: 9/20/18 Opening I am Roger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in real estate. There are dozens of ways to make money in real estate and they all can be summarized by one of three approaches: Buy with the intent to improve and quickly re-sell Buy with …

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Leading Indicators

FAR 187 Real Estate Leading Indicators Expected Air Date: 9/17/18 Opening Thoughts and Prayers: Hurricane Florence Nearly every event I attend or speak, someone is asking questions about the state of the market. Those who were paying attention 10 years ago when the market crashed are concerned it will happen again. We plan to continue …

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American IRA, Jim Hitt

FAR 186 Expected Air Date: 9/13/18 Opening One of the great opportunities in front of you as a real estate investor is the chance to invest your money through a Roth IRA, make profit, grow that wealth and one day when you retire, pay NO taxes on the profits. That’s just ONE thing a self-directed …

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The Harvest

FAR 185 The Harvest Expected Air Date: 9/10/18 Opening Real estate investing is like the weather – it’s always changing. But it’s unlike the weather in that you usually have to wait more than 5 minutes to see the change. With real estate, a multi-trillion dollar industry in the United States, you have multiple impact …

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