Real Estate Day Trading with Larry Goins

FAR 159

Expected Air Date: 06/14/18


What in the world is Real Estate Day Trading? And how can I learn to do it? Can I make money doing this? How does it work? How do I analyze the deals? How do I pay for them? How do I move them out? IS IT POSSIBLE TO SIT AT MY COMPUTER ALL DAY AND MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE? Well — maybe. Stay tuned because today I have the guy who invented Real Estate Day Trading. Larry Goins is our guest today. He took some time from his busy schedule to sit down with us and explain it. If you listen today and apply what you hear, you’ll pick up some ideas, some principles, some direction, and some resources that could put you into the Real Estate Day Trading business. I’m blown away at the brilliance and creativity of people in this business who demonstrate day in and day out that real estate continues to be one of the most lucrative opportunities out there.

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Guest:  Larry Goins, Real Estate Day Trading

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  • Kelvin, Westchester, PA, “I need a way to quickly estimate a rehab price. By the time I get to the property and make a my estimate, someone has already bought the house. They are either dumb for going so fast or smarter than me. I think they are just smarter – they know something I don’t. How can I speed this up?”
  • Randall, Searspoint, MA “Is there kind of a standard price for some repairs, like 10 grand for a kitchen, 5 grand for a bathroom, etc.?”
  • Elvina, Roswell, GA “I’ve been told I need to get multiple bids for my rehab. I’m having a dreadful time getting this done. I was ok on my first rehab. Now on my second one, they guys that didn’t get the job on the first one won’t come back. They say they don’t have time to waste on me. Even the guy that did the work wants me to pay him $150 to come price out the work.”

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