Your “Why” Understanding Your Own Motivation

FAR 146

Expected Air Date: 04/26/18


Hello everyone. It’s a beautiful spring Thursday here at our studios on Peachtree St in Atlanta, GA. We’re going to talk real estate investing for the next 60 minutes, but we are going to approach it from a slightly different angle. Over the last few shows we’ve been talking about a Place to Begin, Hitting Your Stride, and The Next Steps. Today we will continue with some thoughts about Purpose. What drives you today? And I’m not talking about that driverless car you may be in. And I’m not asking you what drives you nuts! I’m asking you to think a bit about your motivation in life. We will dig into that in a few minutes. I also have a stack of questions to answer, including a ton of questions about our Mentoring Program.

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Topic – Understanding Your Why

Why are you doing all this?

Ask the question.

Keep Asking until you get to an emotional level.

Drill down to the core of your motivation.

Why? Because this brings




A sense of purpose will guide your business plan, your short term goals, and even your daily schedule. If you are constantly aware of your underlying motivations and life goals, they will inform many of your difficult decisions with guidance.

Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”. -Jason Nesbitt, Captain, Galaxy Quest.

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  • Carl, Oconomowoc, WI, “Do you still use other people’s money in your own flips? If so, why? Wouldn’t it be better to just use your own cash at this point?”
  • Cindy, Westchester, PA, “I heard you talking about the advantage of leverage in real estate deals. How do you reconcile this with Dave Ramsay’s teaching that we should never borrow money – ever – especially for real estate investments?”
  • Chastity, Birmingham, AL  “How do you calculate the cost of a hard money loan?”
  • Scott, Lancaster, PA “Have you ever been in a multiple bid situation when buying? Is this a time to break the 70% rule?”
  • Joe, Fredericksburg, VA “My wife and I are a bit at odds with a rehab we are doing and wonder if you could help. We agree with the idea of a ‘wow’ factor in the house, but she has ideas for the kitchen, the master bathroom, and the deck in the back yard. My argument is this is basically a first-time home buyers house and we should focus on just one of these. We want to make it great but we also want to make as much money as we can. We both would appreciate your thoughts.