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FAR 043


The exciting conclusion of the interview with Stacy Rosetti

Shout out to Ramon Tookes and Flipology 101


  • Economic times of India, article on real estate investing.
  • Penthouse in San Fran – 7000 sf, list price, 42 million
  • Where does the So Cal market go from here? Up 25% over the past 2 years. Expected to be up 8% over the next two years.
  • No bubble in sight
  • The Single most important rule for real estate investing — according to Peter Churchouse of LOCATION.
    • His five guidelines.


  • Allie from Atlanta: Help me understand what I should offer on a property. Where do repairs fit into the equation?
  • David from Detroit: How do you decide between two properties if you can only do one?
  • Lorraine from Long Beach: The price points in So Cal are so high? It makes me really nervous. How would you suggest I get started?
    • Mentor
    • Lower Price
    • Consider remote flipping