Strategic Investing

FAR 062

Expected Air Date: 9/4/17


Mark your calendar now and plan to attend “FlipStarter” is coming September 30 and October 1.

Join my special guests:

  • EJ Lashlee, author of the True Trust Book, The Protection Book, and founder of True Trust Services.  He will be speaking about asset protection through Private Asset Trusts.
  • Jennifer Hammonds, Jennifer Hammonds show. Nationally acclaimed realtor and investor extraordinaire.
  • Jay Conner. America’s private money authority
  • Bruce Mack. Founder of Platinum Finance
  • Banks Brazell, ReBuild Co, a leading home builder and remodeler in the Southeastern US.
  • Roger Herring, Founder of Investors’ Accounting.
  • Karen Anderson, Digital Marketing and List Consultant
  • Mike Ventry, Advanta IRA, How to use your self-directed IRA to create potentially tax-free income.
  • And of course, me, the Flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship. I’ve made my career in real estate investing primarily by doing it rather than talking about it. I’ve flipped hundreds of houses and I’m going to show you how to do it. I have a few techniques no one else uses or teaches, but I’m going to share them with you. Why?

Because we are going to tell you how to get started Flipping Houses and building wealth. It’s not just owning a business, it’s owning a wealth generation machine that will not only provide for you, but be a blessing to your children and grandchildren.

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Our thoughts are with everyone in Houston and surrounding areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. You are in our prayers today.

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  • How to think strategically about overpriced markets.
    • Consider your exit plan. If you are flipping, just do your thing.
    • Deals may be harder to find, but quicker to sell
    • Do not intentionally do marginal deals.
    • You may have to let the cruel world of reality thin the herd of investor wanna-bes.
    • Learn the art of remote flipping and even remote rentals.
    • If holding, think very carefully about buying in a market where prices are rising faster than income can keep up. Why?
      • You need to be able to charge enough rent to make the property cash flow properly.
      • People need to be able to afford their rent
      • A correction is on the way. It’s inevitable. When people can no longer afford the prices, they will no longer buy. When demand shrinks, prices will come down. You don’t want to buy at the top.
    • Reality: People live near jobs, education, and opportunity. Find communities with a diversified solid base of employment.
    • Put your eggs in multiple baskets.
      • Different asset types?
      • Different locations definitely.


  • Houston Under Water
  • Canada Real Estate in Trouble?
  • Canada Real Estate NOT in trouble.

Emails: Tell us where you’re from!

  • Scott from Macon, GA “My contractor got started a few days ago and put in for his first draw. I went to the house and noticed that he had already painted all the walls, even though there were still some repairs to be made. His crew even painted one wall that will be removed. When I asked him about it, he said this was just a primer coat and it helped them see the repairs that needed to be made. But it was the chosen wall color, not primer. He told me it didn’t matter what I used for primer – just needed two coats. And he billed me on the draw for ½ of the painting. I’m thinking something doesn’t seem right about this…”
  • Deanne from Pittsburgh, PA. “Is there a database of bad contractors somewhere on the internet? I want to keep people from hiring this guy I just fired. He’s a crook.”