News and Questions

FAR 054

Expected Air Date: 8/17/17


  • “FlipStarter” is September 23-24.
  • EJ Lashlee, author of the True Trust Book and The Protection Book, Asset protection through Private Asset Trusts.
  • Jennifer Hammonds, Jennifer Hammonds show. Realtor and investor extraordinaire.
  • Jay Conner. America’s private money authority
  • Bruce Mack. Founder of Platinum Finance
  • Banks Brazell, ReBuild Co,
  • Roger Herring, The Investors Accountant
  • Karen Anderson, Digital Marketing and List Consultant
  • Mike Ventry, Advanta IRA, How to use your self-directed IRA to create potentially tax-free income.
  • What you need to know to jump on one of the best business opportunities in America.

Trends: Tell us where you’re from!

  • Stacy from Atlanta: I use Social Media to showcase our before and after pictures from our flips. SEVERAL people had this response.
  • Bill from Akron: I use mobile apps like Takl and TaskRabbit to find people for smaller jobs in my business.
  • Francine, Lancaster PA. I use videos to show work in progress on my houses, stream to FB, and send a copy to my private money lender. It builds credibility and provides a good update.
  • Donna from Atlanta: Everyone gets a TON of email every day. I send out my wholesale deals via text message. They get read almost every time.
  • Mark from Tallahassee: I use a service that allows me to leave a voice mail on someone’s phone without ever calling them. I use this to remind them of our meetup group, announce when I have a wholesale deal, or anything important like that.


Headline: “Will the hot Texas real estate markets ever cool off?”

Biggest Non News: REIT is about to pay out a dividend of $0.02 per unit.

Fastest Growing RE Companies in the Fortune 500

Ethereum Based Crowdfunding

REX – the big news of the day

Emails: Tell us where you’re from!

  • Carl from Sandy Springs, GA “I can’t tell by just looking at a house how much it is going to cost to rehab. And if I don’t know that number I can’t use your formula to make an offer. Please help. I’m stuck.”
  • Bernie from Ocala, FL, “I own 23 rentals free and clear. I’m ready to sell them and I’m willing to owner finance. I want the income. Can you find me a buyer?”
  • Not a realtor, but out of the 2 mil or so who might be listening I imagine we have a few buyers. Contact us here and we will put you in touch.
  • Victor from Colorado Springs, CO “I found you on iHeart radio and love the show. I know I’m asking something that’s been asked before, but I’m looking at an abandoned house that got partially burned about a year ago. I’m wondering how to figure out how much to offer.
  • Melanie from Pittsburgh, PA. “I have been looking for funding for my deals. I found this source online that is offering to set me up with a $4M credit line. I filled out their application and was approved the next day. We are ready to go to a closing, but I am supposed to pay a 1% ‘success fee’. They want that money before they will schedule the closing. That’s $40,000. I don’t really have that much right now. They suggested I borrow it from a friend and repay the friend once I close on the line. This doesn’t feel right. Your thoughts?”
  • Anderson from Hammond, IN “I applied online with a hard money lender. They appear to be reputable and I have some friends who have borrowed money from them, which is how I found them. They are asking me to pay a $500 application fee which they say will cover the cost of the appraisal and opening up a file. I remember you saying to never pay a lender up front, but this seems legit to me. Am I getting ready to make a big mistake?” Anderson named the lender in his email, which we are not going to name here, but we researched them and Anderson, they are a legitimate company. This amount is actually normal and customary.