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FAR 061

Expected Air Date: 9/2/17


Mark your calendar now and plan to attend “FlipStarter” is coming September 30 and October 1.

Join my special guests:

  • EJ Lashlee, author of the True Trust Book, The Protection Book, and founder of True Trust Services.  He will be speaking about asset protection through Private Asset Trusts.
  • Jennifer Hammonds, Jennifer Hammonds show. Nationally acclaimed realtor and investor extraordinaire.
  • Jay Conner. America’s private money authority
  • Bruce Mack. Founder of Platinum Finance
  • Banks Brazell, ReBuild Co, a leading home builder and remodeler in the Southeastern US.
  • Roger Herring, Founder of Investors’ Accounting.
  • Karen Anderson, Digital Marketing and List Consultant
  • Mike Ventry, Advanta IRA, How to use your self-directed IRA to create potentially tax-free income.
  • And of course, me, the Flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship. I’ve made my career in real estate investing primarily by doing it rather than talking about it. I’ve flipped hundreds of houses and I’m going to show you how to do it. I have a few techniques no one else uses or teaches, but I’m going to share them with you. Why?

Because we are going to tell you how to get started Flipping Houses and building wealth. It’s not just owning a business, it’s owning a wealth generation machine that will not only provide for you, but be a blessing to your children and grandchildren.

And that’s not all, when you purchase your ticket for only $97 for this two day event, my good friend Jay Conner is going to invite you to HIS event in October at no additional charge. That’s right, two multi-day real estate training events for one low price. Sign up now at


Our thoughts are with everyone in Houston and surrounding areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. You are in our prayers today.


  • Two more HOT real estate market lists. Different methods – different results;
  • Wallet Hub
    • Frisco, Texas; McKinney Texas; Allen, Texas; Cary, NC; Richardson, Texas; Seattle; Bellevue, Wash.; Carrollton, Texas; Nashville; and Denver
  • Sharestates: Methodology: Loan to ARV%, ROI%, Increase in Demand
  • Miami and Miami Beach among the worst RE markets in the nation.
    • Lessons:
      • Second-home markets fluctuate with the economy.
      • If you learn to read the signs, you can buy low and sell high.
        • The local RE market
        • The regional economy
        • The national economic forecasts.
        • Looking for signs of an economy that will boost the confidence of the “second home” segment.

Emails: Tell us where you’re from!

  • Caroline from Madison, WI. I’m a student at Wisconsin (Go Badgers!). My parents are thinking about buying a house here in Madison and renting out the rooms while letting me have a place to stay. Do you think this is a good idea? If they do it, my dad wants me to ask you for some tips for managing the other renters.
  • Wade from Pittsburgh PA: Ok, I’ve flipped 4 houses in the past year and made more than I make in my job. I’m ready to quit my job and turn this into a business. What should I do?
  • Bridgette from Boulder CO: I’m looking at a site called Are you familiar with it? What is your thinking about auction sites for real estate?