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FAR 064

Expected Air Date: 9/9/17


Mark your calendar now and plan to attend “FlipStarter” is coming September 30 and October 1.

Join my special guests:

  • EJ Lashlee, author of the True Trust Book, The Protection Book, and founder of True Trust Services.  He will be speaking about asset protection through Private Asset Trusts.
  • Jennifer Hammonds, Jennifer Hammonds show. Nationally acclaimed realtor and investor extraordinaire.
  • Jay Conner. America’s private money authority
  • Bruce Mack. Founder of Platinum Finance
  • Banks Brazell, ReBuild Co, a leading home builder and remodeler in the Southeastern US.
  • Roger Herring, Founder of Investors’ Accounting.
  • Karen Anderson, Digital Marketing and List Consultant
  • Mike Ventry, Advanta IRA, How to use your self-directed IRA to create potentially tax-free income.
  • And of course, me, the Flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship. I’ve made my career in real estate investing primarily by doing it rather than talking about it. I’ve flipped hundreds of houses and I’m going to show you how to do it. I have a few techniques no one else uses or teaches, but I’m going to share them with you. Why?

Because we are going to tell you how to get started Flipping Houses and building wealth. It’s not just owning a business, it’s owning a wealth generation machine that will not only provide for you, but be a blessing to your children and grandchildren.

And that’s not all, when you purchase your ticket for only $97 for this two day event, my good friend Jay Conner is going to invite you to HIS event in October at no additional charge. That’s right, two multi-day real estate training events for one low price. Sign up now at

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  • Blockchain Technology is in the news again. ATLANT Blockchain is a new company designed to make real estate investing accessible to everyone. Because of the open nature of the technology, pricing information, ownership information is available to all.
    • Tokenized ownership
    • Peer to Peer rentals.
  • Implications:
    • The more all the information is available the more efficient the market becomes. It leads to a form of market stability, but also reduces opportunity.
      • Limited discounts
      • Limited opportunity for value-ad or forced appreciation.
    • Won’t happen all at once – won’t happen soon, and will probably always be one of the options – not the only method.
    • The advance of technology – takes away some opportunities – creates others.
  • Demand for apartments easing off. The year over year absorption rate is down 8%. This means apartments are sitting for longer periods of time when completed. In another 6-8 months, rent rates are going to take a dip.
  • Chinese Investments are pouring into London.
    • Contrary to “expert” predictions
    • Cheap Brexit Pound Sterling
    • Political unease at home
    • Safe Haven
    • Stability


  • Craigslist ad: i have a 2/1. You add a bedroom and bathroom and sell for 180. Repairs 45. Purchase 42. No address given. When contacted, the “seller” gave this spiel: Thanks so much for your interest in the property. We are an investment company that locates, drive around, negotiate, prepare reports and picture’s and past the deals on to you.  Our company charges a research/address release fee of $100.00. Now, If you are interested in the property the fee will be a credit to your closing cost. If you are not interested in the property it is a non-refund charge for our services. Also, If you have interest in purchasing the property it would be an Earnest Money of 2000.00 payable to the Title Company.   Again, thanks so much for your interest. -Karen, Robinson Service LLC

Emails: Tell us where you’re from!

Frederica from Long Beach, CA: Where do you see opportunities for residential investing today?

Any area with solid job market and growing population base.

Only invest in small towns if you live in that small town or have some other reason to be there from time to time..

Affordable homes – The way to wealth is to see and need and fill it. If you can build AFFORDABLE housing right now, you can make a fortune. There is a dearth of it.


Anthony, Boulder, CO: I want to get into commercial investing but don’t know how. I have $150,000 to put to this.


Crowd Funding

DP on small office building.

Jennifer from Providence, RI: Went to Looks like a great event at a great price. I just can’t help but wonder if I couldn’t somehow get all that information for free on the internet.

Yes you can. Free info – no vetting. Could be wrong or misleading. No mentoring –

No one to call on.

So what do you need to know to really fix and flip houses?

  • How to find deals
    • 10 sources
      • Foreclosure auction an entirely different set of risks and knowledge base.
    • Deal Marketing
      • Direct mail
      • Landing page
      • Answering the phone
      • Screening calls
      • Making offers
  • How to know if it IS a deal
    • Diff between profit margin and profit
    • Diff between gross profit and net
    • Calculating profit
    • Estimating repairs
    • Determining ARV
  • How to buy it.
    • Negotiating
      • Creating solutions
      • Maximizing profits
    • Structure
      • Purchase
        • Cash
        • Equity Partner?
        • Hard Money
        • Private money
      • Owner Finance
      • Installment contract
      • Lease Option
      • Lease Purchase
      • Subject-To
      • Wrap around
    • Financing
  • How to flip it
    • Wholesale?
      • Assignable contract
      • Double closings
    • Fix it
      • Structural knowledge
        • The parts of a structure
        • Recognizing what needs to be repaired or replaced
        • Design decisions
          • Choosing colors
          • Styles
          • Accessories
      • Contractor vetting and approval
        • Where to find em
        • How to check them out
        • How to interview them
      • Contract law and development
      • Contractor Supervision
      • Payment process
        • Draw schedules
        • Lien waivers
    • Sell it
      • Marketing approach
      • Using a realtor
        • How to find
        • How to vet
        • How to interview
        • Whom to hire
        • Manage the relationship
      • Listing and pricing strategies
        • Gathering feedback
        • Managing objections
        • Price reduction strategy
        • Negotiating with buyers
        • Negotiating AFTER its under contract
    • Running Your Business
      • Setting up properly
      • Keeping proper records
      • Creating business systems
      • Tax strategies and planning
      • Protecting your assets
      • Proper Insurance for all assets
    • Managing tenants
      • Know the laws
      • Prepare for court!
      • Handling service requests
      • Leases!
        • What goes in them
        • What can’t be in them
        • Who’s on the lease?


That’s the TIP. The iceberg is what is underneath all that. It’s a lot. But what do you get in return?

  • The real possibility of a six figure income in a couple of years.
  • The opportunity to build lasting wealth to pass on to your children and grandchildren
  • Freedom – work when you want, however long you want, quit when you want or when you can each day.
  • The opportunity to live life on your own terms. Don’t “make a living.” LIVE. Do that “higher meaning” thing.