Lots of Questions

FAR 063

Expected Air Date: 9/7/17


Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from!

  • Cindy from Gulf Shores AL: “is the ‘no money down’ deal a real thing? I hear it all the time on TV and infomercials. It seems too good to be true.”
  • Fred from Clarksville, IN:  “I’m trying to buy a house to live in, but it needs repairs before I move in. Do you know a hard money company that will loan me the money?”
  • William from Savannah, GA: “What do you know about investing in historic houses? I’d like to know your thoughts.”
  • Shay from Seattle, WA: “What are some of the criteria you think about when choosing a remote market. I’m not having any success finding a deal here in Seattle.”
  • Willy from Westchester PA: “I have two possible deals to buy. The better one is about a 30 minute drive further away. Which should I do?”
  • Abby from Pittsburgh, PA: “We bought our first house. Our mortgage broker told us we made enough income to qualify for another house, such as a rental. The extra income seems like a great idea, but we heard your show and thought we would get your thoughts. If we were going to do this, what should we look for?”