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Month: March 2018

Worldwide Affordability Index, 2017 Report

News: Worldwide affordability rankings. The median multiple you divide the median home price by the median salary. 3 is the dividing point. Above that unaffordable. Below, affordable.   Emails: Tell us where you’re from! Alvin, Merced, CA “I have converted my 401K from my …

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TommyRun, with Jarr Strydom

FAR 133 Expected Air Date: 03/22/18 Opening Have you ever been on a job site and realized that you were short in some of your supplies? Perhaps you need another eight bags of quick-crete. Or the light fixtures weren’t included because someone forgot to order them? Trips back to the lumberyard or big box store …

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The Basic Buying Rules

FAR 112 Expected Air Date: 01/25/18 Opening: Hello everyone. I am Roger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in Real Estate. Today we are going back to the basics. People seem to be coming out of the woodwork asking questions about getting started as active real estate investors. Today we are going …

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