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Month: December 2017

The Ideal Rental House

There’s an almost romantic notion about owning a rental property or three — until you do it. The logic is sound. If you can accumulate ten rental properties over your career, by the time you are ready to retire, you could live just off the income from them. This is true – provided the homes …

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Today we look at several stories that look into 2018 and attempt to predict what the year will be like. Regular listeners to the show will recall that we have predicted that we are not heading for a crash, but a minor correction. For most markets this will be seen as a slowing in the …

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Flipping America 100

  Somebody’s going to jail! Hear about the latest real estate Ponzi scheme. Other news from around the country and we answer your questions about Private Lending. News: Big New Ponzi Scheme:,7340,L-3727947,00.html Emails: Tell us where you’re from! Harold, Ocala, FL “I’m retired and want to …

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