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Roger Blankenship
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Roger is a unique and visionary leader with a broad background in corporate and nonprofit leadership and a lifelong history of entrepreneurial ventures. His corporate career gave him a strong background in staff development, cost management, process evaluation and work-flow improvements. His skills in curricular design, strategic planning and vision-casting have allowed him to help many companies develop new approaches and new products. He has a track record for innovation, creativity, flexibility, and a continual process improvement in a wide range of situations. Roger has conducted hundreds of educational seminars and motivational talks all over the United States and around the world. Roger is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, and his radio show is heard coast to coast every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday and is available at iHeart radio and for free with the Flipping America app in the app store.

But here’s what you really want to know — Roger has fixed and flipped HUNDREDS of houses in the U.S. No one is more qualified to show you how to do it, and with his background as a communicator, no one is more capable. 

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How would you describe your own success? If you can imagine it, perhaps you can plan it.  The GMS Planner helps you turn your dreams into reality by breaking each one down into manageable steps.Set big goals and organize your life around making them a reality. Roger teaches you to break down your GOALS into quarterly MILESTONES. Each week begins with a planning session looking at your quarterly milestones and identifying several STEPS you need to take next. Then you look at your schedule and drop your STEPS into your daily calendar. This book includes a dated 2019 weekly calendar where you track not only your appointments and events, but the STEPS you need to reach your MILESTONES and then your GOALS. Roger calls this “making an appointment with your own success.” The alternative is to arrive to work each day and accomplish the urgent but not necessarily important items. Rather than waste spare time surfing the internet or pursuing entertainment, use every moment to create the life you envision.Small to-do lists can be helpful but we shouldn’t make too much of them. As Roger says, “We don’t live in a list — we live in time, and time is marked by our calendar. A list of items,” he continues, “is useless unless we schedule a time to do them.”The GMS Planner provides not only a calendar, but planning guides in the form of an Annual Retreat, Quarterly Planning Retreats, and Weekly planning sessions. Throughout the year and each week the user is invited to review, revise, and rework plans. New issues are a part of life and there is a space to deal with them. New ideas (Roger calls them “brain bursts”) arise and we need a way to deal with them as well. This planner allows for the discipline of good habits to form and the flexibility to adapt to life’s changing circumstances and your changing priorities. The GMS Planner can be used by those who wish to add a bit more focus on their big priorities and it can also be used by those who prefer to plan their lives and schedules in minute detail. The ultimate desire is for you to reach your goals.

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